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Get on the Water!

Are you a first-time rower or sailor with Come Boating?

To get on one of our boats, you will first need to REGISTER to create a User Profile, which involves setting up a User Name and Password. You will use this Login each time you sign up for a row or sail.  Please see the steps below. You'll also need to sign our waiver before your row/sail. 
Your coxswain will provide the form.

You do not need to be a member of Come Boating! to row or sail with us,
however, we do encourage you to JOIN US!

Step 1:  Click
Step 2:  There is a link on the login page to create a new login.
Need a login.png
Step 3:  Fill out this for and click
Save Profile.
Create Profile.png
Use your login each time you want to sign up for a row or sail on the online calendar.


1. Please only sign up for two rows or sails each week. That allows others to have a chance to row/sail.  As an alternative to signing up for as many row/sails as you can in a week, you could always choose to come to the boathouse before any row to see if there’s an available seat. Sometimes people just plain don’t show up, and there are last-minute opportunities to row. 


2. Please only sign up for rows/sails you are confident you can make. Don’t sign up way in advance unless you can assure you will make the row/sail. If you can’t make a row/sail, it’s your responsibility to tell the coxswain or skipper. 


3. We need more coxswains! If we had more coxes, there could be more rows. If you have been rowing for a few years, please consider this. We have people that are willing to work with rowers who may like to support the program by coxing. You can also share a row with another cox.  If you're interested in becoming a coxswain, please reach out to Clark Staples,

Summer Rowing Coordinator:

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