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Gig Rowing

Rows range from beginner to high intensity
Something for everyone!


Beginner, Recreational and Technique Rows

Beginner: Learn to row a 32-foot Cornish Gig. Join a crew of six for one-hour, on-the-water beginner lesson on a how-to-row safely and successfully. Open to ages 10+.


Recreational: low-intensity community rows, focusing on rowing basics.


Skills & Drills: low-to-moderate intensity rows that hone techniques (form, stroke, timing, feathering) using fun, practice exercises.


Exercise, Power and Advanced Skills Rows

Exercise: moderate-to-high intensity rows that reinforce form while building strength, fitness and endurance (requires minimum of two completed community rows).


Power: continuous high- intensity rows concentrating on timing, form and technique to increase force and maximize power (requires a minimum of three completed community/exercise rows, and must have the ability to keep in time).

Advanced Skills Rows: continuous high-intensity rows teaching racing dynamics and crew teamwork to those interested in racing (requires minimum of one completed power row).


Other Types of Rows

Meditation Row:  an early morning, 90-minute row that includes “quiet time” for reflection on the surroundings and silent contemplation.


Private Row: Groups may reserve one of our boats and schedule a coxswain for a private outing.  Donations to Come Boating are appreciated to support our programs.  For more info, please contact

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