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Important Rowing/Sailing Policies: Please Read! 

1. Please only sign up for two rows or sails each week. That allows others to have a chance to row/sail.  As an alternative to signing up for as many row/sails as you can in a week, you could always choose to come to the boathouse before any row, to see if there’s an available seat. Sometimes people just plain don’t show up, and there are opportunities to row in this way. 


2. Please only sign up for rows/sails you are confident you can make. Don’t sign up way in advance for a row/sail, unless you can assure you will make the row/sail. With that being said, if you can’t make a row/sail, it’s your responsibility to tell the coxswain or skipper.


3. If we had more coxes, there could be more rows. If you have been rowing for a few years, please consider this opportunity. Our experienced rowers are happy to provide training. You can also choose to share a row with another cox.  If you're interested in becoming a coxswain, please email:

Clark Staples, Summer Rowing Coordinator,

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