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The Come Boating! Community Sailing Program strives to help community members gain knowledge, confidence and experience with sailing, and to deepen their connection to the wind and water.

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Our Program

Volunteer Skippers offer lessons and casual harbor cruises, with the goal of including people of all ages* and abilities. We sail a 17ft O’Day Day Sailer, a great teaching boat for beginners and a fun dinghy for more experienced sailors to enjoy the fundamentals of boat handling. We run sails in light-to-moderate winds, and when we have 2-3** crew members signed up for the sail. 


*Children under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

**We may accept 4 crew members if 2 of them are children.

Our Skippers

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Lew McGregor

Lew is a seasoned sailor who stepped up to help get our sailing program underway again. He enjoys taking folks out on the water and has generously volunteered the use of his both his sailboat and his time. 


Laura Sheinkopf

Laura learned to sail at summer camp as a kid, taught sailing at the same camp, and raced competitively in college. She has taught children and adults to sail in settings ranging from urban riverways to coastal harbors, to rural lakes. Laura loves empowering others to feel confident managing a boat and reading the wind, while finding enjoyment and thrill in moving through the water.

How to Sign Up and
Our Policies

Click on the rower/sailor login portal on this website. On the calendar, look for posted sails on our boat, the "Teal Mobile." As soon as you sign up for a sail, we recommend noting the sail date, time, location and the phone number of the Skipper in your calendar. It often helps to set a reminder for yourself for the day of (at least 2 hours prior to) your sail. We understand that stuff happens. If something has come up that prevents you from attending a sail you had signed up for, we ask that you communicate that to the Skipper with as much advance notice as possible, so the Skipper can notify anyone who might have been on the “waitlist,” or – if need be – cancel the sail entirely.


Skippers reserve the right to remove a sailor from the roster for an upcoming sail (with notification), if that person has been a no-show or a last-minute cancellation on two prior occasions. We want this program to be accessible to as many people as possible, so we prioritize slots for first and second-time sailors with our program, especially early in the sailing season.

Skippers may cancel a sail if winds are insufficient or excessive, if thunderstorms are threatening, if only one person is signed up for the sail, or if any other circumstances interfere to prohibit a successful sail. Skippers will of course give as much advance notice to the crew as possible.


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