Winter Rowing 2017

Dear Come Boating! members,

As the summer rowing season starts to wind down, I want to point out that the longest rowing season of the year, winter rowing, is just around the corner! Winter rowing is challenging, but it’s also a great way to get outdoors, exercise, and maintain that sense of community with other rowers throughout the long winter. And for those interested in participating In CB!’s winter programs, now is the time to start planning ahead!

We have several requirements for winter rowers:

1. Anyone interested in winter rowing must be cleared for winter rowing by at least two experienced CB! coxwains. That means that if you are new to rowing this year, or haven’t rowed much this summer, you should make sure to get out on a power row or two in the next few weeks (before the summer season ends in early October) so that our coxwains can make sure you’re ready for the winter season. Even if you’ve done winter rowing in past years, we still need to know that your skills are practiced and up to the challenge for this season!

2. Winter rowing is different from the summer season in that conditions are often harsher, and there is far less room for error in a rower’s skills. Winter rowers must be able to:

a) Row with enough power to help keep the boat moving, even in strong gusty conditions.
b) Feather their oars, even in rough seas.
c) Maintain focus and follow commands from the coxswain.
d) Keep time with other rowers, even in difficult conditions.

3. There are several races we train for during the winter season (mainly the Snow Row in late February and the Essex in early May). So if you’re interested in training for either race, you’ll need to be winter certified.

4. Winter rowers must attend one training session at least every-other year (or this year, if it’s their first season). We’ll be posting dates for the training sessions later in the fall, but they will be held in Belfast and take about 90 minutes. Please read through the Cold Weather Rowing safety documents on the Come Boating! website. There is a power-point slide show on the website about cold weather rowing as well.

If you have any questions please email me at Otherwise just stay tuned for the training session dates, and start stocking up on hot chocolate and warm winter clothing!

-Kyffin Dolliver (Winter Rowing Coordinator)

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