Regatta Recap

Come Boating! Hosts 17th Annual Regatta

Belfast, Maine – August 23, 2017. ComeBoating! (CB!) held its 17th annual Regatta on the Belfast waterfront on Saturday, August 19th. A record number of rowers and paddlers plied the 4.0 nautical mile course with a wide assortment of watercraft, including gigs, sliding seat singles, kayaks, canoes, workboats, and coxed fours. The results are as follows:

Single kayaks — 1, Alexandra McLain, 34:47; 2, Howard Thorburn, Harpswell, 34:49; and 3, Janet Holmes, Kingston, Mass., 59:18.
Sliding seat singles — 1, Marek Skacel (recreational shell), Edon, 34:24; 2, Don Seals, 37:03; and 3, Ted Lameyer (racing shell), Bananas, Castine, 38:53.
Work boat singles — 1, Tony Owens, 17-foot Herreshoff, 46:05; and 2, Robert Rogers, Chesterville, Cape Dory, 59:37.
Double canoes — 1, Roberta and Andrew McLain, 37:03; and 2, Kyffin Dolliver and Greg King, Wildcats, Belfast, 53:17.
Workboat doubles — 1, Silas and Nolan Rogers, Chesterville, Wherry, 37:24; and 2, Whit and Courtney Chaplin, Little Cranberry Isle, Whitehall Gig, 45:22.
Fours — 1, Boston Currach Rowing Club, Boston, Mass., Aluna (four-oared Curragh), 37:24; and 2, Station Maine (Muriel Curtis, Mike Crane, Kyle Bellam, Jake Murphy, Dallas Cross), Station Maine, Swallow (Gunning Dory), Rockland, 43:16.
Pilot Gigs — 1, Selkie (mixed), Come Boating! Team Ferocious, Belfast, Edith Gawler, Natalia Rose, Eric Matthews, Jim Bahoosh, Peter Coleman and Susan Cutting, with cox Marnie Reeve, 35:12; 2, Siren Song (men’s), Gloucester Rowers of Glocuester, Mass., Bill Helmuth, Peter Begley, Steve Yost, Tom Pearce, Ted Cakounes and Mark Cole, with cox Clem Courcy, 35:24; 3, Belle Fast (mixed), Come Boating!, Belfast, John Dillenbeck, Kelly Gunthorpe, Gregory Stafford, Serena Cole, Qwyn Walauski and Tracy Cunning, with cox Rowan Walauski, 36:01; 4, Zulu, Team Zulu (mixed), Auburn, Matthew Carter, George Hamilton, Harding Bush, Seth Vosmus, Donald Carter and Judith Burtman, with cox Gary Spaulding, 36;45; 5, Mad Martha (mixed), Mass Bay Open Water Rowing Club, Plymouth, Mass., Rick Anderson, Jim Brennan, Laure Chartier, Dave Chartier, Susan Daniels and Ron Rege, with cox Peter Oberto, 37:10; 6, Northern Sun (mixed), Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Burlington, Vt., Greg Bettit, Tim Cowan, Keith Mintz, Mary Hennessy, Mitchell Case and Patricia Jackson, with cox Ben Maycock, 40:01; 7, Malcolm G (mixed), Come Boating! GOAT, Belfast, Steffanie Pyle, Tanya Lubansky, Samantha Paradis, Nick McCrea, Ethan Shaw and Amy Grant, with cox Leigh Dorsey, 40:22; and 8, Spirit of Westport (mixed), Dharma Voyage, Westport, Mass., Michael Coye, Emily Dowd, Don Dufault, Wendy Goldberg, Mary Ann Sedney and Cindi Zembo, with cox Carol Jepson, 42:12.

As usual an ample potluck celebration followed the races, and handmade medals were awarded to the finalists. The Regatta was hosted and generously supported by Belfast’s annual Harbor Fest.

For more information on Come Boating! visit, check out our Facebook page, or better yet, come for one of our daily rows!

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